Workers are constantly in need of clothing, food, and bicycles.


Cash donations are an essential part of helping and developing this community. With your help, we can provide what workers need in the way of safety equipment (PPE) that is sometimes not provided and may be unavailable locally to purchase for themselves such as safety glasses, knee pads, gloves, sun screen etc. Your help enables us to assist our hard working friends and make their days just a little more comfortable and safe.


We welcome men’s pants (sizes 32-38), shirts (sizes S-XL), hats, jackets, hoodies, scarves, and other items suitable for both warm and cold weather. Shoes can range anywhere from 6-10! We also welcome women’s clothing in the small to large range.

Food and kitchenware

Food donations can include non-perishable items as refrigeration space is limited. Additionally, items nearing their expiration date would also be appreciated, as we can arrange to have them distributed and consumed quickly.

Kitchenware items such as microwaves, rice cookers, air fryers, tea pots, pots, and pans are expensive for us and our friends to purchase, but essential for meal preparation due to limited cooking options.


Bicycles are another donation possibility since our friends see the same faces and scenery 24/7, often resulting in boredom and mental stress. Providing them with bicycles would allow them freedom to explore and get a much needed break from the farm.


Bedding, towels, safety boots, high visibility vests, bicycle lights and reflectors, scooters, soccer balls, cleats, etc.

How to donate

If you would like to donate any of the items noted above, please get in touch with us:

For cash/credit card charitable tax receipt eligible donations, please use the donation button in the upper right hand corner or if you prefer to mail a cheque send it to:

PO Box 250,

Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0

Please include your contact information so we can send you a note to personally thank you for your generosity.

Our main line for any inquiries is: 548-881-5614

Father Enrique: [email protected]

To arrange a pickup of items, or schedule a drop off:

Diana Rueda: [email protected]

For any of the donations listed above please provide your name or the name of your church or group so we can announce your generosity on social media as a small thank you for your kindness!

Donations can be dropped off at:

St Andrew Memorial Church

55 Foxbar Road, London

Please call 548-881-5614 to schedule a drop off time so someone can be there to receive your donation.

For any further information of our availability, please check our Facebook page for updates.