We are constantly in need of donations, including clothing, food, and bicycles.


Monetary donations are always essential when working on developing a community. These types of donations allow us to provide what the workers personally ask for. They need certain equipment that is sometimes not provided for them, and they are unable to purchase themselves. Your help gives us the freedom to properly accommodate our hard working friends, in the Farm workers Ministry.


We welcome male pants (sizes 32-38), shirts (sizes S-XL), hats, jackets, scarves, and other items suitable for both warm and cold weather conditions. Shoes can range anywhere from 6-10!

Food and kitchenware

Food donations can include canned or non-perishable items that have a longer shelf life, as refrigeration space is limited. Additionally, items nearing their expiration date would also be appreciated, as they can be consumed rather than disposed of.

Kitchenware items such as microwaves, rice cookers, air fryers, tea pots, pots, and pans are expensive for our organization to acquire, but essential for meal preparation due to limited stove space.


Bicycles are another crucial necessity since many individuals lack transportation during their free time, often resulting in confinement to the farm. Providing them with bicycles would grant them the freedom that every human deserves.

How to donate

If you are interested in donating any of the items above, please get in touch via the following methods:

For monetary donations please send them to the address provided below. Please send us some information where we can send a letter, where we can personally thank you for your kind contribution.

Our main number for any inquiries is: 548-881-5614

Email to Father Enrique: [email protected]

To contact the coordinator and arrange a pickup of items, or schedule a drop off is: [email protected]

With any of the donations listed above please provide some information so we can upload you on our social media as a thank you for your kindness!

From Wednesday (3pm-8pm) to Friday (3pm-8pm) we are open to receiving drop by at:

90 King’s St,
Delhi ON,
N4B 1X7
P.O. Box 12

For any further information of where and when we will be available, we will have weekly updates on Facebook.